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Belgian visas and permits

Moving to Belgium: Complete guide to Belgian visas and permits


If you're planning a move to Belgium, find out if you need a Belgian visa or permit to visit, live, work or study in Belgium.

Belgium work permit

Belgian work permits: A guide to Belgium's work permits


Who needs a Belgian work permit? Find out which of Belgium's work permit you need, and the procedures and documents for applying for your Belgian work visa.

Student visa for Belgium

Study in Belgium: Guide to student visas and permits


Find out which student visa or permit you need to study in Belgium, take part in a student exchange, carry out research, or undertake training or internship work.

Belgian work permit changes

Belgian work permit changes in 2017: New EU Intra-Corporate Transfers direc...


A new directive on Intra-Corporate Transfers has been introduced in the EU that could offer the first single work permit for third-country nationals vying to work in Belgium after approval by the government.

Visa options for students in Belgium

Visa options for students in Belgium


Non-EU citizens wishing to study in Belgium have some visa and residency options available to them. Read this helpful guide to determine how to stay in Belgium before and after graduation.

A guide to studying in Belgium and the residency options upon graduation


Are you planning to study in Belgium, or hoping to remain in the country having completed your studies? Here's a guide to the visa options for foreign students and graduates in Belgium. [Contributed by Fragomen]

How to secure Belgian nationality


A helpful guide to obtaining citizenship in Belgium, and the conditions required to apply for Belgian citizenship. [Contributed by Fragomen Worldwide]

Belgian citizenship

Applying for Belgian citizenship or permanent residency


Find out when you can apply for Belgian citizenship or long-term residence in Belgium, and the conditions and processes for applying.

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Guide to family reunification in Belgium


Do you want your family members to join you in your new life in Belgium? Follow this guide to learn about the family reunification process and eligibility criteria for hopeful applicants. [Contributed by Fragomen Worldwide]

Belgian visas

Moving to Belgium to join a relative or partner


If you have a relative or partner living in Belgium, see if can apply to live and work in Belgium for the purpose of family reunification.

Guide for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens moving to Belgium

Guide for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens moving to Belgium


EU, EEA and Swiss citizens have the right to live and work in Belgium but must fulfil certain requirements if staying longer than three months.

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